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Posted on January 17, 2015 by gerv. Let me introduce you to some friends of mine. Discover women's styles including tops & t-shirts, dresses, denim, sweatshirts, hoodies & more with up to 50% OFF at RELIGION Outlet. So is he in favour of no parameters at all (permitting every vile act one could imagine – you know I could list all the usual things which every country makes illegal) or does he just want to impose different parameters to the ones Christianity does? Thank you for covering such intriguing topics and doing it professionally. Or do you mean “no belief is false, except the belief that some beliefs are false”? Galileo was himself a member of the Church and was supported by the Pope (even after saying the earth revolved around the sun). How to suck at your religion - The Oatmeal. And if so, apart from the detail of what’s in and what’s out (ahem), how is his principle of imposing laws regarding the expression of sexuality any different from the principle that he mocks? DU Home » Latest Threads » Forums & Groups » Topics » Religion & Spirituality » Atheists & Agnostics (Group) » The Oatmeal on Religion Thu Jan 8, 2015, 12:13 PM RussBLib (3,944 posts) I think anyone else reading this whole page will not find it hard to decide which of us is unable to reply substantially to those they disagree with. She, after much soul-searching, responded that … Christianity is not utilitarian. Yes, it is. But if stem cell research is the only thing possible, we should use that. « The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson I think we can assume by the insights that we gained through the research, it will definitely help in the future.,, Según esta nueva entrega de su webcomic, Colón fue un tipo horrible, precursor de la esclavitud transatlántica y de masacres en suelo americano. And also, that’s not doctrine. Oatmeal in world religions Judaism . Or is the real view not so crazy after all? Drogi Wykopowiczu. Now I get why everyone is so frustrated. 1 K 20 #23 fd3 * No me he enterao de ná. Inspiration. The point is double standards that are put forward by religions. Also, you can’t have the truth, because I already have it!!! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. LoL forum thread "Interesting View on Religion (The Oatmeal)". 2015-11-19 16:16:53 2015-11-19 16:16:53. Having experienced it, who would ever want to keep it to themselves? poetry and politics and assorted odd things. 1) “Judging” Required fields are marked *. My mind rambled on and on between arguments, and every panel or image has (unsurprisingly) a legitimate point. Are *you* telling them they don’t have the means to find it out themselves? In the 1850s, Ferdinand Schumacher and Robert Stuart founded oat mills. How does moving someone from point A to point B make them a person? Inspiration. All topics related to atheism, agnosticism and secular living are welcome here. Would you hurt or hinder in the names of religion? His point is that you should not judge other religions based on what they believe. These have never been “alive”, as in no newborn would’ve been the result of them. One should not judge other religions. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Leave a comment. But he also means double standards. I’m a fan of The Oatmeal, with the odd reservation. We are all speculating without evidence about what lies beyond this world… unless God has broken through and told us about it. These people didn’t choose their orientation based on their belief. 6) *rolling eyes* Again, that is NOT his point. If that’s where you go to learn about the Bible, no wonder you are so angry. NO-ONE REALLY KNOWS FOR SURE AND THAT’S FINAL.” Given the rest of the comic’s antipathy towards Christianity…. So I just look out for myself and do what I like.” That seems entirely consistent with his beliefs. All education is indoctrination – the question is simply “whose doctrine?”. How to suck at your religion. The Oatmeal nos trae su visión sobre el "Día de Colón", que se celebra el 14 de octubre en Estados Unidos. Looking forward to your replies to my points. I am not saying that your (religious!) Re-reading the comic, I believe what he means is “Religion can make you judge people (in a bad way) you would otherwise not judge that way”. Ferdinand Schumacher was born in Celle, Hanover, Germany March 30, 1822, son of a merchant. Awesome Human. 3) Religions and bad things So translating someone in 3D space (from inside a womb to outside it) makes them a person? Your email address will not be published. The oatmeal diet was originally developed as a possible dietary treatment for diabetes in 1903, but doing the oatmeal diet can also act as an appetite control method, as oatmeal has been shown to increase your appetite control hormones. Internet Context, Natalism, and the Me Too Movement, Microtransactions, Speed Learning, and Absent-Mindedness, Nature Abhors a Vacuum: Population and Technology, The Good Old Days of the Internet (Circa 2010). I should’ve said “People should respect society as a whole, and find their favorite place there”. Why do you keep abusing your blog if that is not even part of the point of your religion. Some tips for teaching yourself to stop touching your face. Of course, their analysis is terrible. English (US) Español; Français (France) 中文(简体) Not if they look through your other posts regarding this topic. 5) “Stem cell research” The longer your articles I read, the better the material receives. I wonder if the Oatmeal had a kid, who was told “no-one really knows”, and who replied “well, I think God then decides who goes to heaven and who goes to hell, and I’m worried about your eternal soul”, he’d say “sure, sweetie”, or “NO. By “double standards”, do you mean that some people say one thing and do another? The Oatmeal . Inman updates his site with original comics, quizzes, and occasional articles. If it was pointless, people would not be doing it, right? I could not agree more with this comic. Your email address will not be published. Humans are more valuable than bugs because of the amount of intelligence mixed with the fact that we are potentially capable of a lot of things. The Oatmeal is generally one of the best things ever to come into existence. Schumacher founded the German Mills American Oatmeal Company in Akron, Ohio, and Stuart founded the North Star Mills in Ontario, Canada.In 1870, Schumacher ran his first known cereal advertisement in the Akron Beacon Journal newspaper. But one cartoon in particular gets pointed out to me a lot – “How to suck at your religion“. Their life might must be hard. August 13, 2012. How to suck at your religion. Other Popular Things. Just let people make up their own goddamn mind. How to suck at your religion - The Oatmeal. Including the Oatmeal. There are no points from God for making more Christians. Or that people are sometimes not following what their religion actually teaches? That’d be quite mean, wouldn’t it? 5) “Doctrine”. The trouble with arguing with him is … 4) Judging I don’t see how this can’t be good. The online webcomic The Oatmeal recently featured a string of strips entitled, "How to Suck at Your Religion," two of which are excerpted below: Check out all the rest at The Oatmeal site or preorder a print copy of their latest book How to Tell if Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You. World, and the Mozilla community, should be a liberal place. b) After what you said, humans are inferior beings. The Bible teaches that all efforts to save ourselves, to generate our own meaning and happiness, will ultimately fail. Is this you giving an example of the double standards you were talking about? Posted by daemon from Humans are created in God’s image, and so are much more valuable than a bug. (For me, those are generally policies which make the law conform more closely to God’s law. If the benefits outweigh the risks, I am okay with stem cell research. But neither does the person have to bend to the religion. When you fear that I (or other people opposing you) have a point, you rather ignore it. "Does religion help you, than carry on, etc" Religion doesnt help at all. Interesting View on Religion (The Oatmeal) Creator: jhoijhoi November 12, 2012 6:31pm. If you haven’t yet been to the website, you are seriously missing out on all sorts of cartoon-based hilarity. Response to The Oatmeal’s ‘How to suck at your religion ... have a worldview because of what was heard from an authority figure in exactly the same way that a person may follow a religion because of what was heard from an authority figure. An active book discussion forum for both fiction and non-fiction books including forums for religion, philosophy, science, politics, current events and more. Adult stem cells. I believe in the end we will all benefit from it. You claim to have “the truth”, okay, whatever you say. You might judge members of other religions for being a member of these religions (since you attempt to get people to convert to Christianity, it’s likely). Okay, if Christians aren’t superior to others, that would mean “Other religions might be superior to Christianity”. I can live with that. If it’s pointless to convince others to join your religion, WHY THE HELL DO YOU CONTINUE TO DO IT? This entry was posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 at 8:30 pm and posted in Failure, Fear, Quotes, Religion, Sex, Upbringing. Re-reading the comic, I believe what he means is “Religion can make you judge people (in a bad way) you would otherwise not judge that way”. 7) Getting others to join your religion If it’s pointless to convince others to join your religion. Yes, I would die for Jesus. Pin it! :-). It all comes down to your belief. The Oatmeal recently released a new comic titled How to suck at your religion. We don’t get any credit when it happens. Faith does so i can say that: I have nothing against belief. However, there have been numerous examples of child abuse happening in the Catholic church. No matter how often they heard “Homosexuality is a sin”, they still are homosexual. DU Home » Latest Threads » Forums & Groups » Topics » Religion & Spirituality » Atheists & Agnostics (Group) » The Oatmeal on Religion Thu Jan 8, 2015, 12:13 PM RussBLib (3,944 posts) Quaker celebrates our 140 year anniversary. How to suck at your religion - The Oatmeal. Menudo tochos se marca The Oatmeal. Because there seems to be plenty of judgement in this comic. How to suck at your religion - The Oatmeal. FREE UK DELIVERY OVER £150 It is 5 a.m. and I decided I’ll write this column while all is still quiet. If you want to learn more about the backfire effect and other related behaviors (confirmation bias, deductive reasoning, etc), I highly recommend listening to the whole thing: Podcast Part 1 - Podcast Part 2 - Podcast Part 3 Or is a bug’s life of less value than a microscopic ovocyte? 0. tyler.mccauley, elancaster65, egro and 1 other like this Now with words AND pictures. ", followed by 180 people on Pinterest. How to suck at your religion - The Oatmeal Quakers integrate religion and everyday life. Hitler's religion is apparently something that's still under debate, although evidence suggests that he was most likely all aboard the Jesus train. How to Suck at Your Religion (The Oatmeal) SASS. Morality can’t be hung from skyhooks. Besides: How do you define life? ( Log Out /  Nov 29, 2015 - Explore Melody Hurwitz's board "The Oatmeal" on Pinterest. It’s God’s. Extreme example: I assume something about child abuse being sinful can be found in the bible, right? And that is a problem. :-) I agree that if it were my own idea, it would be the height of arrogance. Oatmeal and Religion A friend of mine sent me a link to a webcomic ( link ) discussing religion and such, and some of the arguments wandered into my sleep-deprived mind at 3AM. Oatmeal, which is essentially oats boiled in water, is high in soluble fiber and keeps you energized and full. The church is not a collection of “good people”, it’s a collection of badly broken people; the difference is that they know they are broken and need God’s forgiveness. So is judging people wrong, then? Is a fertilized ovocyte life? MOBAFire is a community that lives to help every LoL player take their game to the next level by having open access to all our tools and resources. Cartoons suffer from the Twitter/Facebook effect – a humourous pithy short attack or condemnation of something is far more interesting and retweetable than any nuanced response to it. Author Message; Dexter. So it’s OK to judge people when you are doing it for reasons you think good, but not OK for others for their own reasons? You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Sigh, It’s pointless arguing with you. I pretty much think it is spot on, but I am a heathen so what do I know. There are people who avoid doing bad things on basis of their conscience or moral alone. I take it you think you are a person now; at what point did you become one? That’s more along the lines of what I think. Nice thing to tell other people after all. The point is double standards that are put forward by religions. Although the idea (which, I agree, is not his main point) that one should vote based on which policies are better for you personally is a sad, divisive and dangerous one. If you are knocked out or anaesthetised, is it OK for me to then kill you, as you can’t feel or sense anything? The Oatmeal and Religion. The Oatmeal is generally one of the best things ever to come into existence. If so, how does that fit with your flat statement: “it is wrong to judge”? I think you should have the right to pursue your religion in your private space as long as you’d like. I’d say it’s at the time of birth when a person can be considered a person. 8) And proclaiming the light of the world includes Crusades and all the other cruelties that were committed by Christians during the centuries? It’s really quite interesting, and you’ve published other blog posts in the mean time, so I guess you *can* spare the time to reply to the points I made. I may well suck at your religion. Or refrain from certain practices based on that? I dumpster dive for books! The trouble with arguing with him is that he’s a popular cartoonist, and I’m not. This is before we even talk about what Jesus actually meant, in context, by “Do not judge, or you too will be judged”. Should I not judge because a “silly web cartoonist” (his words) tells me not to? Must-own menswear & womenswear designs from RELIGION. An active book discussion forum for both fiction and non-fiction books including forums for religion, philosophy, science, politics, current events and more. “People should respect all religions” is clearly doctrine – it’s even got a name. I’m a fan of The Oatmeal, with the odd reservation.But one cartoon in particular gets pointed out to me a lot – “How to suck at your religion“. The US decided that translating people in 3D space from Afghanistan to Guantanano Bay made them not people (with no rights). ( Log Out /  The Oatmeal is a webcomic and humor website created in 2009 by cartoonist Matthew Inman. Also, no matter how politely phrased, “No-one really knows for sure” is dogma, plain and simple. Amen to the general point here. And it would be OK to kill them? Either he’s spectacularly arrogant, or (more likely) what he actually means by “you suck at your religion” is “you suck at _my_ religion, defined my way, on my terms”. I think it’s necessary to judge people when it helps better the coexistence of multiple religions, cultures etc. Do you wait for god’s revenge? In my opinion (and I believe a lot more people think that way) that goal is much more worth than the need of one particularly extremist person to spread his rather extreme views. Actually, that’s “It’s OK to believe what you want to believe; nothing bad will happen if you do.” And that’s clearly doctrine. The weather has taken a big change overnight. There are so many points in this comic you don’t want to get or deliberately misunderstand. A real treat for someone whose life is guided by the bible. This comic was inspired by this three-part series on the backfire effect from the You Are Not So Smart Podcast. No-fuss breakfasts for on-the-go mornings. This is hardly a criticism. Quaker Oatmeal To Go (re-branded from Breakfast Squares in 2006) Aunt Jemima Syrups and Mixes (Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast foods is owned by Pinnacle Foods, who use the Aunt Jemima trademark under license from Quaker Oats Company) Quaker Breakfast Cookies; Snacks.

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