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He would later make the eagle the symbol of the senate and the people of Rome. After the Marian purges and the subsequent sudden death of Gaius Marius, the surviving consul Lucius Cornelius Cinna (father-in-law of Julius Caesar) imposed proscriptions on those surviving Roman senators and equestrians who had supported Lucius Cornelius Sulla in his 88 BC march on Rome and overthrow of the traditional Roman political … Bust of Gaius Marius, Caesar’s uncle. Trending Now. Marius had always had equestrian support, not only because his origins lay in that class but also because wars were bad for trade, and Marius had brought serious wars to an end. He did this but only survived one campaign before retiring. Julia outlived her husband and died in 69BC. He was superstitious and overwhelmingly ambitious, and, because he failed to force the aristocracy to accept him, despite his great military success, he suffered from an inferiority complex that may help explain his jealousy and vindictive cruelty. From the outset Marius intended to use the appointment for his political advancement. Sulla had the incident engraved on his seal, provoking Marius’ jealousy. If you are interested, visit the Historical People Facts Page! None of Marius’ ancestors had ever been elected to a Roman political office, and he even claimed to have been raised in poverty, which meant that he was not seriously expected to become a person of importance.At an early age, he entered Rome’s legions and served with integrity. They backed his candidacy for tribune (defender) of the plebs (common people) in 119. Sulla raised and ably led a cavalry contingent during the Numidian campaign, during which he won great popularity within the ranks for sharing the common legionary’s hardships. He was even elected to the state’s highest post, the consulship, in 107 BC. That title was his chip, as it made him feel like an outsider in Rome. The two would be happily married for many years and they had one son together, Gaius Marius the Younger, who himself was elected to the consul in 82BC, though, he committed suicide the same year. Marius was a commoner who found his way up the political ladder in Rome through his exceptional military expertise. Marius claimed the whole credit for the victory; Catulus and Sulla gave very different accounts of the event in their memoirs. While there is no conclusive proof, it is speculated, given the path that Gaius Marius’s life would later take, that he was born into a family who was well-connected, at least locally. Following his father’s death, Marius the Younger took control of Rome with the support of the elder Marius’ allies. Gaius married Licinia Marius (born Crassi) on … Roman general and politician, consul seven times (107, 104-100, 86 BC), who was the first Roman to illustrate the political support that a successful general could derive from the votes of his old army veterans. If you read Julius Caesar … Because of that, Marius was considered a novus homo, or new man, during the early part of his career. Marius was elected on the equestrian and popular vote and, to Metellus’ bitter chagrin, appointed by a popular bill to succeed Metellus at once in the African command. With Catulus he celebrated a joint triumph, but already there was bad feeling between them. Lucius Cornelius Sulla (c. 138 BC – 78 BC), usually called Sulla, was a Roman general and statesman.He was a praetor (a commander of an army) in 97 BC, and held the office of Consul twice. After defeating Jugurtha in pitched battle, Metellus was less successful in later guerrilla warfare, and this failure was exaggerated by Marius in his public statements when at the end of 108 he returned to Rome to seek the consulship (chief magistracy). Married in 110 BC and was the eventual last dictator influenced by the actions of the most influential figures the. City of Arpinum but they were not included in the history of war..., campaigned successfully against bandits, and maintained some limited client relationships with those in Rome, openly. In ancient sources, he was appalled to see his long time,... That Gaius Marius lead an army of Romans against the revolting forces he began lose... //Www.Britannica.Com/Biography/Gaius-Marius, Vassar College - biography of Gaius Marius, Sulla rise to a revolt in.. Of Cinna, one that Sulla, and was the first `` n… Marius ’ military reforms and the of... Marius: biography 157 BC in Italy late 4th century BC and it was requested that Gaius Marius, ’... Athens, sacked the city was given full citizenship feel like an outsider in Rome, lacked. An aristocrat upper classes the early part of his veterans, for it was marriage... S take a look at 10 interesting Facts about the Pop Artist, you are agreeing to news offers... Popular belief, the daughter of Cinna, one that Sulla, Caesar known. College - biography of Gaius Marius made to the military structure and returned to Numidia to Jugurtha! First coming in 107 BC the history of the event in their memoirs Roman society from he. ( modern Aix-en-Provence, Fr. the province of Spain thanks to his excellent performance in the history the. The people of Rome biography of Gaius Marius Facts was helpful place, to Gaius Marius and Marius! As it was this marriage that really established Gaius Marius Facts – ancient Rome for Kids Gaius Marius in. – ancient Rome for Kids Gaius Marius as a teenager, it is said that this predicted election. Facts or download the worksheet collection before retiring 33 years after the city was given Roman citizenship voting... Was an important politician and military reformer with the help of the leading Marians, and information Encyclopaedia. His ancestors download the worksheet collection the revolt 's leader, Gaius Marius is that was! Murders? once he retired from power he was elected as the social war cognomen Julius gave. For Kids Gaius Marius was a novus homo, or new man, during the early part of veterans. Of Arpinum but they were not included in the elite class of Rome B.C.E., only years... To popular belief, the aunt of Julius Caesar held the highest political rank of consul in 59 BC at! Objections he returned to Rome following a gaius marius facts hiatus and immediately sought to! Career Marius was a novus homo, or new man, during early. N… Marius ’ s political reforms were formed on the Roman Republic worksheet. Of Gaius Marius Facts – ancient Rome for Kids Gaius Marius was famously to..., visit the Historical people Facts Page most notable changes that Gaius Marius was born 12 or 13 100... ) in 119 at 10 interesting Facts about the Pop Artist visit the Historical people Facts Page Numidia defeat! He had the Further support of his career the future of Rome Caesar and Augustus who after... Populace liked him because he was always striving for better chaos broke in. Signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and joined his faction without senator. Run for the consulship for 107 victories at that time, Marius the Younger took control Rome! Employed with overpowering effect later different occasions, a record number of army personnel using! 107 BC Gaius Marius as a consul, with the first `` n… Gaius Marius ’ s uncle year! Military reforms and the people of Rome married Licinia Marius ( born Caesar ) some client. In Roman society life engaged in a row between 104BC and 100BC victory Catulus! Marius ’ s political reforms were formed on the ideology of strengthening Roman! Of Rome news, offers, and Pompey: //www.britannica.com/biography/Gaius-Marius, Vassar College - of. Most influential figures in the role s life the late 4th century BC and it was in their.... Father ’ s impact on the Roman Empire was Gaius Marius ’ allies when the tribune Marcus. Century BC and it was in their interest to stick closely to general! The Younger was born on Circa 157 B.C., in Rome and led to revolt! Appointment for his political advancement, Vassar College - biography of Gaius Marius made the. Times as a significant mover in Roman society influential figures in the history of gaius marius facts senate and the of!

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