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Very powerful in a self-explanatory way but boring to be honest. Absolutely destroys bosses, in fact, Hammer Flip one-shots three mini-bosses (Poppy, Frosty, and Buggzy). Welcome to /r/Kirby, a kingdom famous for peace and quiet. Trivia []. I thought it'd be fun if I took every copy ability from the Kirby series and through them into a tier list. Kirby Franchise Copy Ability Tier List. Kirby Copy Abilities. Kirby, like all characters, received a Final Smash in this game. Called Cook Kirby, the move allows Kirby to cook opponents and items, and then send opponents flying and release new items. (EX Fire/Wing=Phoenix) Starting with Fire! Ninja: Quad Shock has insane damage output on bosses with low resistance against repeated damage. It could grab all of Meta Knight's attacks. Now that I have finally played Kirby Star Allies, I can finally update this tier list. In Smash 64’s sequel, Super Smash Brothers: Melee, Kirby tumbled from the top of the tier list to the lowest of the low. For example, you get the new Kirby ability Wrestler when you reach Fighter Rank 2. Kirby Battle Royale, unlike most Kirby games, is primarily played from a top-down view rather than a side view. 'Save/Download' and add a title and description. Bomb: This ability struggles thanks to most bosses in this game being highly resistant to repeated damage. Fireball Spin is the best damage dealing option, but suffers from extremely short range and the possibility of using Fireball Roll by accident, which can get Kirby into a lot of trouble. Yeah, normal above Copy is believable. I am a fellow Kirby main and since no one has done this yet, I decided create my own personal tier list for abilities! Can hit more than one time per throw. Burn would be a useful dash attack, but it has incredibly high cool down that will get Kirby hit by any boss with a reasonably fast melee attack. Sword: Its normal attack combo actively sucks due to bosses' multi-hit protection, and most of its other attacks don't fare much better. Yo-yo: Good range and damage, and a decent throw. The game has a greater focus on implementing Kirby's signature Copy Abilities in a 3D environment, which had previously only been done in K… Waddle Doo seems a bit too high on the tier list. If no images are loaded here go back to the categories page. This article is about Kirby's different Copy abilities in Super Smash Bros. To see the other abilities from the other games, see Copy Abilities (SSBM), Copy Abilities (SSBB), and Copy Abilities (SSBWU/3DS).To see the move, see Inhale.. 17 copy abilities and characters are included, including the returning Meta Knight and King Dedede. It is 100% invincible. It also has an invincible block, however, which is a good point. The blocking is even more invincible. A very good ability movement wise. I agree. Normal Kirby: Suplex is pretty much strictly better than Normal Kirby, aside from not being able to walk around with an enemy. Other spots will be occupied by CPUs by default, however these can be deleted. Jet mostly relies on its charged attacks to do impressive things, but Jet Cracker and Rocket Dive really do live up to the hype, the former as a high-damage projectile and Rocket Dive as the absolute strongest and longest range throw in the game. Nearly all mid-bosses have Copy Abilities and some Copy Abilities can only be collected from mid-bosses (e.g. Sword Knight is probably low or mid tier thanks to Up Thrust, a very good attack option, while Meta Knight could be as high as high tier potentially due to his radically increased range and fast movement. Yeah, copy as the helper T.A.C. I agree with TAC being very good: he's the only Helper with which I was able to finish Helper to Hero. Hammer: Ridiculous damage output with good melee range and versatility. and Ganondorf. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Knuckle Joe is ranked slightly lower due to lacking Judo Throw for some reason. During this time, Kirby can inhale them and gain their ability. Without this, Bomb would probably be really good but as it is spamming bombs only deals damage once for every two or three bombs. Any comments on this tier list, or does anyone have their own (for Super Star or another game)? Stars do very little damage to late game bosses. Best Ability in the Game Tier Hammer: Ridiculous damage output with good melee range and versatility. But this tier list is about elements and entire movesets not just what's the most OP move. Clear Row Images, Add a Row Above Stone: Dropping onto enemies does extremely high damage and, of course, the ability features the gift of complete invincibility which allows it to at the very least cheese anything by staying in stone form indefinitely. So far, there are 62 Copy Abilities in the Kirby series of video games, with 28 being the most abilities that have appeared in a single game (Kirby Star Allies): Frozen enemy projectiles provide a good source of secondary damage as well, though Ice has trouble with its damage output otherwise. Thanks! Realistically the best option in a theoretical Copy run or whatever would probably be to temporarily drop the ability when fighting Waddle Dee (and the same for any ability run really) and then retake it after inhaling him. However, this move has relatively low damage output so doing even decent damage requires some creativity. Here you are, all the mixed up abilities all mixed and matched up! Giant Swing, Hammer Swing, and Hammer Flip are all you'll ever need in an ability. Players with the game get to choose one of ten (twelve if the player has a copy of Kirby: Triple Deluxe) Copy Abilities, as well as the new "Random" option. TAC is ranked probably in high tier, for his at-will invincibility, range, and somewhat powerful attacks. He can jump up to six times (five in the air, one on the ground), enabling him to edgeguard opponents for an exceedingly long time and at great distances, all the while being able to recover once the deed is done. What are your ability tier lists for different Kirby games, ranking abilities based on their usefulness? Image, Kirby Copy Abilities (Kirby Games) Tier List. A Tier It is so game changing when Kirby doesn't have to approach as he charges these projectiles. Final Cutter is the best it has which is still rather ineffective, and it doesn't work against aerial bosses at all. Kirby: Right Back at Ya! I feel like the entire reason Hammer is always so good is cause it is related to Dedede. 31 Views. Copy Ability Tier List. Hammer Swing also provides semi-invincibility, which is invaluable as a defensive tactic. The very few bosses that doesn't give you a copy ability, you can mash the hand attack for an amazing amount of damage in a short time. Then why is Sword so bad, even though it's related to Meta Knight? Name by Date by Title Copy Ability Adeleine: 20000324. I don't know how that phrase goes). 1 Comment. IIRC you can't even get grabbed, can't get Marx sucked either wherever you are and even the Fatty Whale's water attack doesn't affect you, making it comparable to pressing down with the Archer ability in the newer games and better than the Mirror block. It mainly consists of a series of sub-games known as Battle Modes that can be played solo in a Story Mode or in multiplayer with local friends or over the Internet in Online Battle. Jet: Fast, versatile and long-ranged. TIERLIST GRUPPO OBESI MARCO MERRINO. 2 Favourites. Super Kirby Clash Characters. Kirby Star Allies and Super Kirby Clash owners get a … Share your Tier List. 1. Kirby’s Melee build knocked back every ability that made the pink fluffball unstoppable, particularly his speed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 3. Characters Tier List. Wing: Not nearly the broken ability it is in Return to Dream Land, Wing is still fairly useful. They will be ranked S to C and remember these are my opinions on these abilities and how viable or useless they are! is super great and is definitively high tier. Definitive Ranking of Kirby's Kirby Battle Royale Abilities Kirby Abilities Tier List (Updated) By CaptRiskyBoots Watch. To see the other abilities from the other games, see Copy Abilities (SSB), Copy Abilities (SSBM), and Copy Abilities (SSBWU/3DS). Copy Very low damage output, only useful for copying abilities. His "signature move" is Swallow, which allows him to use an opponent's neutral special moveand copy their appearance. The world record afaik of the True Arena in Super Star Ultra uses Hammer. The ability also has a powerful throw, Air Drop, which can deal damage multiple times per use, and Kunai Throw can be used to deal constant damage when melee combat is unsafe. Hello! Fighter: Has good ranged moves and throws but struggles with raw damage output. To see the move, see Inhale. His blast attack must be charged and foes like Kraco and Wham Bam are hard to hit with it. Otherwise a great list. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. S tier: Monado arts, Charge Shot, Green Fireball, Pikmin, Bonus fruit Features every copy ability Kirby has had throughout his games (Does not include final weapons you cannot use post-ending or abilities from spin-off games). Kirby Copy Abilities (Kirby Games) Tier List, Share Is it wrong that I consider Succ Kirby the best "ability" for some scenarios? Kirby is a small, light, and somewhat floaty character. Mirror: Essentially a downgraded version of Hammer, Mirror Cut does very high damage for such a fast move but lacks range. Fire: The worst "regular" ability in the game, to be sure. View Community Rank, Delete Row Here's my own personal tier list for Kirby Super Star Ultra, made with The Arena, Helper to Hero, and the True Arena in mind. Facebook, Download Parasol: Very good range and decent damage output make for a good ability. Samus is the most deadly of the bunch, but I think they're all worthy of A Tier. Wheel: High damage per hit but low damage output overall due to having to drive past the opponent and turn around to start a new attack.Very hard to use against aerial opponents, especially bosses like Dyna Blade and Marx whose hitboxes pretty much never touch the ground. He can also combo into these attacks, just to give himself breathing room to charge up again. In a part of space far away from Planet Popstar, a cloaked figure casts a spell on a large, purple, crystal heart, causing countless Jamba Heart pieces to scatter across the galaxy as a result. Just watch the potential it has Multiplayer allows one to play with up to three friends. Credit to for the images. On top of having Kirby like copy power and being able to restore your HP when copying a new ability. only way you can drop and copy abilitys in ultimate choice is if you start out with regular no ability kirby. List of Kirby Subreddits. His poor dash speed and limited approach options despite being a close-range fighter, however, make Kirby … I saw a video of Suplex beating Meta Knight, it was pretty insane. suplex is really great until you get to galacta knight, then it's just painful.. I didn't know that Suplex was that good and Fire was that bad! It's essentially Ice's evil counterpart: it has good damage output in exchange for moves that are very bad for other reasons. ... in any way in this mode. Wave Beam is a good attack for constant damage output, and Beam Blast can be used while crossing the screen for some passive damage. The shards then corrupt and possess anyone they are fall near to. Players without the g… Just a bad ability. In every Super Smash Bros. game so far, Kirby has had the ability to copy any other characters' standard-special move with his Neutral-B attack, Inhale. So here we go! The characters of the Super Smash Flash 2 (SSF2) are categorized into five groups, we update the Super Smash Flash 2 (SSF2) tier list on a monthly basis. The Official (yes) Smash Bros Ultimate Kirby Copy Abillity Tier List is here. The world record afaik of the True Arena in Super Star Ultra uses Hammer; I think Plasma's damage may have been nerfed (or boss invincibility increased which would make Hammer better since it still has better damage per hit) in Ultra. The ability lacks versatility in general and while Mirror Body can be used as a long-ranged attack and for brief invincibility, it's pretty reliant on Mirror Cut overall. In fact, if I have a bad ability like Ice or something at a boss I automatically press X and spit it out. Here's my tier list with explanations where I think they're warranted. Template on Twitter, Share Template on Anyways since everyone (by which I mean 2 or 3 people) is doing Tier Lists I thought I'd throw in my two cents (sense? Kirby Copy Abilities (Crystal Shards) Kirby's Return to Dreamland Copy Abilities. Ranking things is fun. Kirby is a lightweight character with slow fast fall speed, making him difficult to combo but easy to KO once a hit lands. It's the perfect little sub...if you like that sort of thing. Even Copy would have better damage output vs. most bosses since it can attack at any time. He is relatively difficult to combo horizontally and offstage, though is vulnerable to juggling and many vertical KO techniques (as well as not being too hard to KO horizontally either). Even if it's unsafe to drop on an enemy, Dash Stone can still be used to deal some low damage. What do all of you think? Double Kick at close range is the best solution to this but it's somewhat inflexible overall. Chop and Thrust is by far its best move due to its versatility - a Chop bounces Kirby off of the opponent for a safe getaway, while a Thrust keeps Kirby falling and allows another attack. Ice: This ability is defined by Ice Sprinkle and Ice Suction/Ice Ejection, which are basically its two good moves, the rest being too slow and/or weird to be consistently usable. Choo-Choo!~ All aboard the Trend Train, today we're taking the Kirby Ability Tier List Route. Plasma: Crazy damage output at the cost of breaking your D-Pad. Dash Grab itself also allows for burst movement. He is probably the character who improved the most from Melee to Brawl, along with Mr. Game & Watch, and is ranked 20th on the current tier list in D tier. Suplex: Throws are extremely strong and grabbing makes Kirby invincible. In general, Kirby possesses quick yet powerful moves. List. It probably is number 1 in the original. Also, Sword Beam, one of its best moves, is locked behind full health. You can unlock all characters once you reach Fighter Rank 39, however, there are two special Buddy characters that require you to play Story Mode if you want to unlock them. This is a tier list of Kirby copy abilities in Ultimate based on how viable they are in higher level competitive play. Also provides passive defense against projectiles which is pretty great. Press J to jump to the feed. Cutter: Safe, but has very low damage output due to a lack of good damage moves. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards: None Blowfish: 20000324. Does provide invincibility while driving straight forward, which can be quite useful. S-Tier: Archer, Circus, Hammer, Master, Smash (Smash Bros. in Planet Robobot), UFO The only ones missing are Steve's and Min Min's, so it's pretty comprehensive. Rising Break would also be a lot better as an invincibility option if it didn't often end up with Kirby inside an enemy. Mostly relies on its normal attack for everything, except for Circus Throw which is a very versatile, long-ranged, and multi-hitting throw. I just wait for the boss to spawn a star, wait for him to get still, then spit. Condor Head's shockwaves provide a strong projectile but the headbutt itself is too short range to be consistently safe, and while Shuttle Loop is fairly strong it often ends with Kirby inside the boss' hitbox. Wow, that's a great job! You also unlock a new Buddy, Gooey, when you reach Fighter Rank 3. Click Alignment Chart  Character kirby. Kirby, however, is taking an afternoon nap and slept through the entire … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Even uncharged, the ability is very fast and has Jet Blow, a weaker throw that still does acceptable damage. Kirby Copy Abilities (Kirby Games) Tier List Maker Share Template on Twitter Share Template on Facebook Features every copy ability Kirby has had throughout his games (Does not include final weapons you cannot use post-ending or abilities from spin-off games). Also sort of lacks versatility, especially while holding a bomb. Here's my own personal tier list for Kirby Super Star Ultra, made with The Arena, Helper to Hero, and the True Arena in mind. Gazer Spiral is also very powerful but has a weird area of effect that makes it difficult to utilize. By continuing to browse our site, you agree to our Cookie Policy. He is also able to crouch underneath attacks, which can be used to his advantage against tall characters such as R.O.B. Kirby is a small, lightweight character. The Smash copy ability from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and … Obvious downside is that the ability relies on the availability of projectiles for high-damage attacks, but even without them it still has Pinpoint Kick which does acceptable damage and is quite safe due to its jumping effect. 2. Kirby has good combo-ability, disjointed range on some attacks, and strong finishers in his smash attacks, Hammer , and back aerial. Standard Copy Abilities are those which Kirby can get simply by inhaling and swallowing the appropriate enemy. Good range of attacking options that lets Kirby cover the whole area around him. Many of these pieces fall down to Dream Land, where many residents watch in awe as the shards fall from the sky. Hammer, Suplex, and Ghost ability). For information visit here. Assuming you're talking about normal Kirby with no ability, I really do think that Suplex Kirby is pretty much strictly better. So here we go. Some of his moves are infamous for possessing high range and being able to space well, most notably his up til… Makes me question why we still don't have Suplex back, it's a great ability and it would help add variety to the top of the ability tiers. I'd rank Succ above Copy, it's got much better range and power, also the Waddle Dee thing. Can one shot Bandana Waddle Dee. His small size allows him to avoid many attacks (his initial dashing animation can go underneath Pit's Palutena's Arrow when not aimed). Suplex's throws do much more damage than normal Kirby spitting stars, and normal Kirby is completely incapable of dealing damage when there are no projectiles available (aside from dealing contact damage on block, which does minimal damage) unlike Suplex which has Pinpoint Kick. Inferno has insane damage output but is impossible to set up against anything but Whispy variants, Computer Virus, and mini-bosses, and it has very short range in any case. This week we're doing a tier list of how good each copy ability is for Kirby. Beam: Focuses on ranged attacks, Beam Kirby should never get within melee range of bosses unless looking to use its throw, which is one of the worse throws in the game. This article is about Kirby's different Copy abilities in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Giant Swing, Hammer Swing, and Hammer Flip are all you'll ever need in an ability. Add a Row Below. Plasma is the god tier I don't care if it is a bit boring it is broken as all hell by far the strongest damage output of any Kirby game. 4. Drag the images into the order you would like. Fire Breath does low damage and has very high cooldown. It does do a great job with damage when holding down B. Trustworthy Fan Translations. Kirby is currently ranked 17th out of 40 on the tier list, placing him in the B tier; a good leap from his 27th-place position on the last tier list. His light weight is both advantageous and disadvantageous; he is less vulnerable to chain throws (including King Dedede's down t… Edit the label text in each row.

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