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Ready-To-Play; Raw Shafts; Shaft Info; Components. As juniors get stronger, the shaft needs to get stiffer, generally speaking, to accommodate higher swing speed and retain accuracy. Ball Flight: HighMid. Golf shafts have many technical specifications that you, as an average golfer, likely never consider. "It's a fantastic idea," one junior instructor said. Since most junior golf shafts have a.500” butt diameter, you need to be creative with the extender since that is not a standard stock extender size. What Should I Do In The Junior Golf Offseason? KBS CARLSBAD SNAPBACK HAT; LIMITED EDITION KBS TOUR CAMO TRUCKER CAP; KBS RETRO ROPE CAP; NEW ERA FLAT BRIM HAT; KBS NEW ERA 9FIFTY STRETCH SNAPBACK HAT; KBS … My son is 11 and has been hitting an adult head for sometime now and there is a big difference in distance between that and a typical junior head like US Kids. "It is the most unique product I have ever worked on," said Vadersen. The "we" in question is On-Track Sports, LLC, the parent company of Accu-Length. They said that's not what they want. Brent Kelley is an award-winning sports journalist and golf expert with over 30 years in print and online journalism. Use the fitting chart below to pick your Junior Driver shaft upgrade based on height and age. As a child aged and grew in height, the clubs could be expanded by inserting a 1-inch long spacer. Ladies' golf clubs are traditionally manufactured to be approximately 1 inch shorter than their corresponding men's club. A lighter weight head can make it easier for your junior to keep the club on a good swing plane thus helping with desired club head position at impact and more. The driver shaft seamlessly fits in with a senior’s playing style. When the kid grew a little more, another spacer was added, and so on. "This is the first truly extendable club that was designed for the junior player. Mitsubishi Tensi AV Raw Orange. The 1000, 2000 and 3000 series come with a wood, 7-iron, pitching wedge and putter. Carlsbad, California. While the head of your club contacts the ball, your club shaft generates the speed and flexibility of the shot. Sold individually. This can be extremely technical and very confusing but don’t worry, we’re going to boil it down to the most important factors in fitting junior clubs. However, we do see many of the juniors this age that are playing regional or national tournaments starting to move into fitted "adult" clubs at around age 10. Shafts. The folks at True Temper shafts have provided some very useful, Shaft flex point / kick point is the part of the shaft that bends the most in the downswing and at impact. Make Offer - Junior Golf Shaft Fujikura Blur Regular Flex Graphite Cut Down to 37.5 inches. Here’s a quick breakdown of the data for drivers: X-stiff – This is the range where most high-level players fall. Bags; Shafts; Grips; Clubheads; Components Info; Outlet; About. Our original review of the original Accu-Length expandable junior golf clubs appears below. Because our product is the only golf equipment that grows as the child grows, it allows swing motion and muscle memory to stay the same.". $192.00 +$20.85 shipping. Driven to perfection. Check to compare KBS 580 Junior Steel Iron Golf Shaft. Average driver shafts for men are approx. For juniors playing intermediate to advanced level tournament play, professional club fitting is highly recommended. As a junior golfer gets older and stronger and hits growth spurts it is important to have a professional club fitting in order to help them realize their potential. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The clubs are no longer made and haven't been in several years. $29.96. Inserting spacers is very easy, the pros said, and clubs feel very solid after spacers are inserted. To help rectify that issue, you should be keen on finding a junior driver that has a bit of flex to its shaft. Create an account and receive free shipping on all orders. Toggle menu. KBS 560 Shaft (.355 Tip) Regular price $29.95 free shipping w/ $75+ KBS 580 Shaft (.355 Tip) Regular price $29.95 free … However, there is a niche company, epecgolf.com, that is in the market. Description. Tour Series Junior Golf Shafts. Refer to these posts: Junior Golf Driver Reviews and Fitting and USKids TS3 (Tour Series 3) Review for more information on both U.S.Kids and Flynn Golf including reviews of the various product lines and what makes each a great option for younger juniors golfers. The following are the most important factors to be considered in junior golf club fitting: Many variables affect the performance of a club including shaft weight, club head weight, shaft length, total club balance and weight (including shaft, club head and grip), shaft flex, shaft kick point (flex point) etc. Shaft length will be determined primarily by the junior's height. Make sure the grip is a junior size or undersized grip. Sort by. how the club “feels” when swung. The designation of clubs as "men's" clubs or "women's" clubs is somewhat misleading, though. They can be the same weight. These are more expensive, but they last a lot longer because they are expandable.". The degree to which a shaft bends during the golf swing is referred to as flex. Shaft for COBRA Golf Junior Drivers. I'm not a pro club builder. Explore an array of golf club shafts at the lowest prices guaranteed. The instructors told us that the clubs are high-quality to begin with, regardless of the spacer technology. Check to compare Powerbilt Junior One-Fit Golf Glove - White. The most important aspects of junior golf club fitting are - lie angle, shaft weight, shaft flex and length. They're manufactured with constant weights and to the proper length for each club. As kids get older the weight of the shaft is key and can be a big factor in being consistently accurate. "Parents should save money over the long run with these," one pro said. Accu-Length was the brand name used by a company that manufactured and sold expandable junior golf clubs. The only complaint: Some felt the Accu-Length clubs were a bit on the heavy side for younger players in the size ranges listed - but that's an issue that solves itself as the child grows. If the lie angle is too small the heel of the club will impact the ground rather than the sole and if the lie angle is too large the toe of the club will impact the ground instead of the sole. The balance point impacts the swing weight - i.e. Welcome to All Kids Golf Clubs.We've been a trusted online source for junior golf clubs for kids in the US since 1999. Decide if you need a taper tip or parallel tip. It will help with, U.S.Kids has done extensive research and their. Younger juniors (swing speeds of less than approx. Is There an Industry-Wide Standard Length for Golf Clubs? Finding a new (not used) set is difficult, but not impossible. Mitsubishi Tensi AV Raw Orange. This is relevant to junior clubs as you don’t want a heavy club head and light shaft and grip which is what happens if an adult driver is simply cut down – not a good idea. • Shaft Flex is a definite “B” effect specification for junior fitting Yes, more flexible shafts are better for fitting juniors. That said, the same principles can be applied to selecting clubs for juniors who are not doing a professional fitting. All rights reserved. $29.96. Optional clubs, sold separately, include a high-lofted driver and a 5-iron. The best junior golf drivers have light weight graphite shafts. Juniors that are "in between" kids and adult clubs (swing speeds of approx. Flexible Shafts. The shaft also helps with the angle that maximizes the distance of your shot. The 3000 Series (Gray) is for kids 55-62 inches; its clubs bear a strong resemblance to adult clubs, but with more forgiveness for ease of use. What Is the Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball Putter? Professional club fitting for juniors is recommended once their driver club head speeds start reaching the mid 90 mph range. 380.0000 $380.00 … And for parents, that means spending money on new sets of clubs. A more flexible fiberglass composite provides the soft flex to help get the ball airborne. But those specs affect how your club performs, and club fitters take them into account when they fit you for new clubs. About Us; FAQs; Testimonials ; Custom Fitting Info; Custom Components Info; ... Flynn Golf is a US based, leading provider of high performance junior golf equipment - specializing in tournament winning VT MAX junior golf clubs. Although all the major club manufacturers feature clubs for women, there are fewer models from which to choose. The GolfWorks MR0092. Page 1 of 16 View All. The 500 series is the same, except that the pitching wedge is optional. Torque is one of those "invisible" specs, and it has a bigger effect on club performance than … Make Offer - AreoTech Gener 8 F1 Ladies / Juniors Iron shafts qty 6 i.e. Top Indoor Golf Simulators to Help You Improve Your Game! Secure Order. If I couldn't find extensions at my local golf mart, I would probably buy some from here: ... With regards to woods, I have extended woods with adult and junior shafts in the past with no issues. The 1000 Series (Yellow) is for kids 45-55 inches who are just learning the game. When I got into the picture, I said to them that the only way I would do it is if you allow me to design something that is extremely first-class because I'm known for quality golf clubs. Find golf shafts from top brands like Aldila, GolfWorks, Grafalloy, Royal Precision, True Temper and UST. Shafts. That's not good! SKU: GL-PB7021 : 0 Review(s) $ 9.95 $ 8.95 . "We sell other junior sets that come with the same basic components (4 clubs and a bag) for around $130. Junior Clubs; Open Box/Returns; Pre-Owned Clubs; 50% Off Clearance; Cash 4 Your Clubs; Bags & Carts Bags & Carts. This article will provide information on how junior golf club fitting can help the junior golfer. In general a longer shaft will generate more club head speed but may also lead to more off-center strikes (i.e. If you want to replace golf shafts on your clubs it is also important that you measure the tip size of your old golf shafts. New Golf Wedges: The Latest in Short-Game Weapons, Meet the Irons: An Intro for Golf Beginners. According to Pine Meadow Golf, women's clubs generally range from 33 inches for a putter to 44 inches for a driver. In either case this makes it extremely difficult for a junior to consistently make solid contact and a small lie angle will tend to result in a shot left of target while a too large lie angle will generally result in a shot to the right of the target. … HI-REV 2.0 “LIBERTY” LIMITED EDITION WEDGE SHAFTS; ... LIMITED EDITION TOUR; ACCESSORIES. Original Review of the Accu-Length Junior Golf Clubs System, 8 Things for Golfers to Know About Single-Length Irons, Feel Golf Wedges: A Colorful Array of Options. Golf Clubs for Teens and Juniors Transitioning to Adult Irons. A good junior golf club fitting will ensure that that your junior's golf equipment matches and supports their swing. Skip to the end of the images gallery . Bend Point : Low. For information and recommendations on some good clubs for juniors refer to these articles: When considering what golf clubs to buy for junior golfers we generally look at two primary age groups of juniors that will determine if they are more suitable for "off the shelf" junior or kids clubs or if they should consider getting professional junior golf club fitting (essentially fitted "adult" clubs with junior friendly shafts). The secret to the "Accu-Length Expandable Pro Quality Junior Golf Club System" lies in its "Spacer technology." I'm not going to design a pot metal head with some cut off shaft to jab into it and have some floozy type of golf club. All Kids Golf Clubs also carries a variety of … 55-65 grams and 45-50 grams for women (add 10-15 grams for PGA and LPGA tour players). The shafts of the Accu-Length clubs can be unlocked and unscrewed at a point just below the grip. More Info 80 mph and ages approx. Our VT MAX clubs & … Below is an example of the Ping i200 and Ping i irons that we see a fair amount of juniors using in tournaments and are a good transition set of irons when moving from kids to adults golf clubs. An Interview: Can My 3-Year Old Start Golf? Cons: Not knowing… The GolfWorks MR0092. "As the kid grows, his clubs are literally shrinking on him and his swing motion and muscle memory are also changing. Starting at. Major brands generally provide greater consistency and a better "feel". Shafts. The most common tip size for iron golf shafts is 0.370” and 0.335” for wood golf shafts, but some OEM manufactures like TaylorMade, Callaway and Titleist use golf shafts with tip size 0.355” for irons and 0.350” for woods (fairway woods and drivers). "All of our competitors have an average fit for their junior clubs," said Rick Rutter, President, COO and Co-Founder of On-Track Sports. Right Hand only. We offer youth golf sets & clubs from toddler golf clubs to teen golf clubs.We also carry a large selection of kids left handed golf clubs & sets and youth hybrid golf clubs.Check out our girls golf clubs for a great range of colors including purple & pink. not struck in the club head sweet spot) and may also negatively impact the swing plane (a longer club generally leads to a flatter swing plane). In general, the heavier the total club weight the more difficult it will be for juniors to get the ball in the air. Accu-Length aims to fix that problem by introducing junior clubs that grow along with the junior golfers who are using them. Meet the Golf Clubs: Explaining the Different Types, Titleist's 716 Series Irons and 816H Hybrids, Ping Announces Complete New Line of Clubs, the G5 Series. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Once junior’s hands are large enough to use a men’s regular golf glove or ladies large golf glove they can transition into a standard size grip. The shafts of the Accu-Length clubs can be unlocked and unscrewed at a point just below the grip. Find a Fitter. You can use hardwood dowels or portions of used steel shafts to extend the clubs. In this article we will focus primarily on the second age group and the junior golf club fitting considerations that need to be understood and applied. ACCRA Golf Shafts. A slower tempo also benefits from a more flexible shaft whereas a faster tempo can benefit from a stiffer shaft. Affordable Golf Launch Monitors for Juniors, Stylish Golf Shirts: Four Trending Brands, Best Golf Rangefinders For A Junior Golfer, 5 Best Golf Jackets You Can Buy Right Now for Kids, Junior Golf Rain Gear and Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain, Top Junior Golf Tournaments You Need To Know About, Best Ball, Alternate Shot, Scramble and Match Play for Non-Golfer Parents, Serenity Now – The Struggle to be Emotionally Effective on the Bag of your Junior Golfer, Transitioning to No-Caddy Tournaments : A Parent’s Perspective, No-Caddy Tournaments: A Player’s Perspective on the Transition, Junior Golf Tournament Stroke Saving Tips, Pace of Play, Over-Coaching, Doubt and What to do About It All, Playing Your First AJGA tournament: Information, Advice and Observations. Favorite. The clubs came in a base set of four golf clubs and included spacer segments. Usually around 10-12 years old or when they are ready for US Kids size 60-63 clubs, a professional junior golf club fitting can make a big difference for your child. All sets include a dual-strap stand bag (whose colors match the series color) that also grows as the clubs in it are lengthened; an instructional CD-ROM; 12 1-inch spacers; assembly tools and locking screws; a pouch that holds the spacers, tools and screws; and a sizing chart for proper fitting. Unix HMB System V Junior Golf Shafts. Free Shipping with Accoun. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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