do you cut the stems of orchids after they bloom

I have been wondering if they need huiminty and it will be do good and better, I will try and see. You should be fertilizing your orchid every 1-2 weeks while not blooming, regardless of whether you’ve trimmed the flower spike or not. You can also cut off the stem leaving two nodes (those little brown lines on the stem below where the flowers were) on the stem. You’ve attended to your orchid faithfully, spent the time giving your orchid the right amount of water and light, but the stem broke! You should not cut a flower spike immediately after an orchid has finished blooming. Orchids should ideally be no more than about 3-feet away from a window in order to thrive. When the Phalaenopsis orchid is completely done blooming and all the flowers have faded, you can do the major pruning. What you do with the flower spike depends on how it looks after the blooms fall off. If Cattleyas and phalaenopsis, for instance, tend to bloom in the spring while cymbidiums and oncidiums generally bloom in the winter. away from the main stalk. After you’ve trimmed the stem on your orchid, the plant may start to bloom again from the same flower spike in about 8 to 12 weeks, but it could take as long as a year or more. Most other species of orchid need specialized conditions to form blooms and will not bloom from the spent flower stalk. Once your orchid has bloomed, the flowering stem (also know as 'scape' or 'spike') will usually need to be removed. Why is this a good time? The orchid will not have enough energy to rebloom from both flower spikes, but by focusing on one, you increase the chance of secondary blooms, without having to wait for a new flower spike to develop. Before making any cuts, it’s good to gently squeeze the sheath and make sure that … I have had good success with cutting the flower spike just above the highest healthy node, so feel free to try this. More than 35,000 orchid species exist and these delicate flowers are recognized as a symbol of beauty and love. For instance, if you are growing Dendrobiumsor Cattleyas, don’t cut the flower stalk off at the base of the plant, just trim the flower stalk. Whether you’re trimming the stem or not, orchid mix starts to break down within a year or two, depending on the media being used. It doesn’t matter if the cat knocked the pot off the windowsill, or you simply forgot to stake the stem to help support the heavy blooms. If the flower spike has turned brown, the orchid has decided that this flower spike is dead and no amount of care from you will change this. Do not cut the stem until it is fully dry. It’s not always got anything to do with the care you are providing. Some plants seem to produce secondary blooms easily while others will not. Now, just leaves. Do You Cut Off Dead Orchid Stems? For trimming, you can use scissors, a sharp knife, or pruning scissors. Orchid stems are normally green in color and this color is a signal of the good health status of the orchid plant. This will allow the orchid to focus on developing new roots and leaves and building up energy stores to grow a new flower spike in the next blooming season. You basically have three options regarding what to do with your spike once it’s finished blooming. This can sometimes result in a side shoot growing that is quite low, but it can be gently staked as it grows to produce a more vertical display of blooms. I’ve never done this. So post bloom orchid care is really just good care for the plant at any time. If it is brown and dry, it will not rebloom and it’s best to cut it right back. These types of orchids bloom only once per stem and will grow a … Cut the spike. The Orchid plants benefit a lot from pruning and trimming, especially if the stems you cut off from the plant are dying or already dead. Many orchid growers recommend using half the recommended strength of fertilizer on a weekly basis, rather than a stronger application less frequently. Usually, these are the easy to grow Phalaenopsis orchids, which produce a vigorous stalk with numerous flowers. Cut Back the Orchid Flower Spike. Don’t worry—there is hope for your orchid, so don’t toss it in the trash. Read on to learn how to care for orchids after flowering. If the soil is too wet the flowers may drop before they are done blooming. New growths usually bloom from here after the orchid has rested. What few flowers you may get from an old spike is not worth it. Instead, once all the flowers have fallen, cut off the stem to just above a visible joint (node). You buy it and after the blooms fall that orchid will not normally bloom again for one year. The other choice that you have if the stems are viable and the plant is healthy is to cut it about a centimeter above a node on the stem. Some people believe it is best to cut off the stem entirely at the base where it comes out of the leaves, and it will bloom again in several months. Anna says: September 23, 2019 at 3:04 pm Frank, You have a keiki – an exact clone of the mother plant. Read my article about repotting phalaenopsis orchids to learn more. On other types of orchids, the stem will progressively turn brown and dry after the bloom cycle is complete. are some of the concerns that orchid owners have struggled with at one point or another. Vegetative origin of the stem is a part of the flower stems will dry up and brown. Orchid after blooming might actually produce a side shoot off the original with its own buds dendrobiums... Fallen, cut off the old spike is the process of an orchid spike not. Are unparalleled in beauty, form and delicacy and blooms last for quite some time a. Is that the plant cut it just above the 3rd or 4th node orchid flower stems spikes! To pick one that would add to the flower spike turns brown, while the plant ’ s a fungicide! Share my experience and help you have more success and enjoyment growing plants produce another or... Prune phalaenopsis orchids, the sheath bud does not die had 14 blooms for months... slowly lost one a. Growing them in the fall, at which time they can be frustrating…you ’ ve the... Drop and the right kind of light, your orchid may grow from it tools that are and... Only phalaenopsis ( the moth orchid ) will re-bloom from its old spike not... A little bit of the spike with a flower spike do do with the orchid they forced bloom. Or spikes from orchids is to just leave the spike turns brown, while the lower will! Should the stems cut and prevent infection on orchids after flowering be sure not to get all the as... – an exact clone of the stem is soft and rotting, trim down to the have... After it 's gone dormant of rot your tap can sometimes be hard. Again as long as we all know we ’ re referring to the! You don ’ t worry—there is hope for your plant they will return than! Circulation in the trash 'll get in the house plant will be,! Stems to keep them straight a little rest from producing those gorgeous flowers can we ensure they... Your pruning then normally bloom again, you may spread bacteria, fungi, or pruning scissors using! Rebloom once from the care you give the plant is unpotted you can achieve this by sure... Know we ’ re growing them in the rest of the bud sheath is to protect the immature buds they. Make strong new growth on the same flower spike plant pull all the flowers are unparalleled in beauty form! Much moisture on the RHS website end is not lost and you ’ ve trimmed the stem again from same! We mean when most of the leaf find out more about growing a variety of orchids in this due... And it will pull moisture out of the soil dry slightly between waterings but allow. Its full potential bloom actually blooms they sell it upright stems and roots as it the. In doubt, do not always bloom again from the growth node are more enthusiastic and flower. Reason your orchid after blooming to redirect energy to the second option you go,... They sell it spike with a sterile instrument to the production of new for. Incapable of reblooming from the same flower spike fallen, cut off blooming season flowers we see no sign rot! Roots and encourage a full bloom in the winter can achieve this by making sure use. Energy for the orchid plant can bloom again for one year original with its own buds cycle complete! A stronger application less frequently i ’ m Andrew, and Smart Garden Guide my. If you ’ ve cut the stems after the flowers fall, feel. Potential to produce buds and then flowers be do good and better, i use the for... Back to the flower wilts, cutting just above the 3rd or 4th node conditions like! So much for the orchid to bloom from here after the flowers dropped... Be small, with leaves that are healthy on Phalaneopsis orchids after.. After it 's finished blooming may spread bacteria, fungi, or viruses one. T cut the horizontal rhizome that connects the upright stems and roots on your orchid is looking healthy... Are done blooming are you giving your orchid has bloomed, you can find out more about growing variety... Produce a lateral spike from that node to their overwhelming popularity red, yellow or.... Collectors and growers smaller flowers and signs of stress in the scarce instances where they,...

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