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A well-engineered whole house fan will address all of these issues. There are two types of attic fans, one cools only the attic and is properly called an attic fan, the other one is really a whole house fan and cools the whole house using outside air instead of air conditioning. Emerson (Quiet Cool) OEM Replacement Motors. Moving air feels cooler than still air so high volumes of air are usually preferred. This picture shows that roofs last longer when they are cool. Get a Jet Fan Attic Fan or Whole House Fan Installed in Chicago-land, Site Maintained by Stephen Kaiser Fans are rated by cubic feet of air per minute or cfm. Utility Rebates. You can install it in two hours you can get rid of hot rooms upstairs for good. Generally speaking the more blades a fan blade has the quieter it will be, (five blades are better that four). Thermal Mass Cooling. PAD FRAME 22 X 30-5/8 | PMI 5-2-9A BW4000, **Superceded, see below** Cooler Control Retrofit Kit For Mastercool Plus, 1 HP 115/230 Volt 1 Phase Industrial Motor PMI M165, 1" BLOWER UPGRADE KIT 4800 with 10" Pulley, 1" BLOWER UPGRADE KIT 4800 with 11" Pulley, 1" BLOWER UPGRADE KIT 6500 with 11" Pulley, 1" BLOWER UPGRADE KIT 6500 with 12" Pulley, 1" BLOWER UPGRADE KIT 6500 with 14" Pulley. Attic fans use less than 300 Watts, and offer these important advantages: 1. Motor … Built-in thermostat and … It brings a cooling breeze in through the windows of the home and cools more efficiently than an air-conditioner. Ask me how I know that! For efficiency, bigger is not necessarily better so…. Belt Drive Whole House Fan (105) Model# MOTOR30BD $ 143 32. Windows must be opened first. 19 offers from $140.61. Extremely Quiet Operation – Ranges between 42 and 50dB; Offers Airflow between 1500 and 6500 CFM; Similar to the Trident Series, the new Stealth Pro Series line of QuietCool fans is an installer-exclusive product. A firestat, which shuts the attic fan off for extremely high temperatures, is needed in case of a home fire. An optional humidistat turns the fan on and off regardless of temperature whenever the relative humidity or dampness is too high in the attic. The result is almost zero noise vibration and whisper quiet operation. Class B; Max. So cooler attics mean longer lasting shingles, especially when they are not defective to begin with. Referrals. Selecting a … Shop for replacement evaporative cooler parts, cooler pads, pumps, motors, floats, panels, swamp cooler parts and supplies. There are 2 types of attic fans: roof top, and gable-end. Net free venting is the area after subtracting for louvers and screens. Utilizing an energy-efficient motor, a gorgeous design, and American ingenuity, this fan provides numerous benefits at an impressively inexpensive price. Press. Dual Motor Models: company About Us. The amount of work required to install a whole house fan varies from house to house, but can generally be retrofitted into an existing house by a professional in about 8 to 16 man-hours. What could I do? Ambient Temp. I bought the tooling and found a large specialized metal fabrication shop in Chicago to make these beautiful caps of thick aluminum that never rust and a wider thicker more reliably water-proof aluminum flashing that fits in with your roofs shingles. There are basically three types of noise created: air noise, motor vibration and shutter rattle. The attic fan is normally mounted up on the roof of the home toward the back about two feet down from the peak. Each blade does less work and thereby creates a smoother, even sound as opposed to fewer blades where the sound is choppy and irritating. Heavier fans are better because they rest on foam weather stripping held down only by their own weight. … A good rule of thumb is to provide one square foot of net free venting area for every 750 cfm. Attic fans can be electrical or solar powered. It also uses the innovative ECM energy saver motor … Both fans can be used with satisfying results. on a Beautiful Cedar Shake Roof. Emerson Quiet Kool is not connected with Emerson Radio or Emerson Electric The "Emerson Quiet Kool" is registered with US Patent and Trademark Office. As well, the QC ES-1500 uses the innovative ECM energy saver motor that uses hardly any power while moving extreme amounts of air. 6020 Cfm Covers up to 3000 Square … QuietCool Garage Fans work great to cool your garage, man cave, or workshop. Parts for 163 models of EMERSON Dehumidifiers. OEM Replacement Brand Emerson (Quiet Cool) Item Condenser Fan Motor; Motor Design Permanent Split Capacitor; Phase 1; HP 1/5; No. Ridge vents, depending on type, are not as good for providing the bulk of vent area needed although they do help slightly. Finally, one customer pushed me over the edge, this guy had super-sensitive hearing, and it really bothered him and…, I tried replacing his motor with other off-the-shelf motors, I tried balancing the blades, I tried different blades, I tried rubber isolation motor mounting to isolate vibration; nothing worked, so I stopped looking at the cost and when I replaced his motor with what would become our very own Jet Fan motor…, Suddenly, after trying everything else to make his fan quiet, he was instantly satisfied…. Without opening windows first, some air could also be drawn down other vents or chimneys for heating and water heat, possibly blowing out pilot lights. ComEd indicates that air conditioners don’t have to run as often when it isn’t fighting a hot attic. Blog. Lengthens roof life by keeping shingles cooler. I spent two years looking for an American motor manufacturer that would produce proven high quality, long-lasting, efficient and quiet motors to my specifications. These fans also possess the ability to cool … The GA ES-1500 uses a high-performance, energy efficient ECM motor. These motors offer above‐average efficiency with enormous value. Also,  a whole house fan only uses about ¼ of the power that a central air-conditioning system does. Having a timer is also a good idea. Better whole house fans have a welded frame. Ideally, an attic fan installation will pay for itself within 3 years. You’ll feel cool and you feel good about the energy efficiency, pay a smaller electric bill and your family will thank you. I … Who Can Install The QuietCool Whole House Fan For You? A timer will let the fan run a pre set length of time so that you can set it before going to bed an have it shut off automatically when you feel it may get too cold at night. One major variable is the venting, if you plan on running the fan on high speed, (most people do) you need to make sure that there is at least enough exhaust venting for high speed setting. Talk About a Fire Hazard, Get a Jet Fan Attic Fan or Whole House Fan Installed in the Chicago Area, Who am I? All the Jet Fan components are American made. A pioneer in the ventilation industry since 1948, Ventamatic, Ltd. manufactures high quality air delivery and air movement products for the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural markets. Can’t Sleep While Your Air Conditioner Keeps Burning Your Hard-Earned Cash. QuietCool uses a unique, patented design that uses an acoustical duct attached to an R5 damper box. Cool Attic CX30BD2SPD Belt Drive 2-Speed Whole House Attic Fan with Shutter, 30 Inch 4.2 out … The Jet Fan housing lasts forever & super-quiet motor is twice as efficient and lasts 15 years not 5 years or even less like other cheap attic fans, some cheap motors didn’t even last one year! You can buy the Jet Fan online no matter where you live, but if you live in the greater Chicago or Naperville, Illinois area we can install if for you too. With the QuietCool QC ES-1500 installed in your bedroom, gone are the days of tossing and turning all night long due to the heat. Careers. OEM replacement motors are used to replace worn-out or damaged HVAC motors in equipment such as ventilators, fans, and blowers to extend the life of the equipment. Generally the vents are roof vents, louvered wall vents or eave vents. A high quality attic fan is recommended. We carry many parts for evaporative coolers. Do you have these symptoms? for homeowners How it Works. Will The QuietCool Whole House Fan System Also Cool My Attic? One strategy for sizing a whole house fan for a house is to get the largest fan that will fit into the ceiling area of a hallway where a fan would typically be installed. Lowers upstairs room temperatures by 10º. See how the shingles by the fan are new looking even though they were defective they didn’t get damaged by the heat. With the quieter, better USA made Jet Fan Attic Fan you can take control of your super-hot attic . is most effective when outside air temperatures are below 82ºF. Made to my specifications this metal is twice as thick as other attic fans metal so it will never blow off in strong winds. This is a picture of defective singles. Attic fans create a positive air-flow through your attic that does not rely on wind or require excessive passive venting. The AFG PRO-2.0 is powered by a two-speed capable, energy-efficient Permanent Split Capacitor Motor… Support. A heavy screen is required to stop pests. As well, the QC ES-4700 uses the innovative ECM energy saver motor … The larger shutter would then fill the larger opening that was made in order to lift the fan through in flat position. Any size fan will be quieter when run at a slower speed; so by getting a large fan that has a low speed you can get less noise and still move a high volume of air because of the large size.

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