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Additional attractions include the Konyak fire eating demonstration, pork-fat eating competitions, the Hornbill Literature Festival (including the Hutton Lectures), Hornbill Global Film Fest, Hornbill Ball, Choral Panorama, North East India Drum Ensemble, Naga king chilli eating competition, Hornbill National Rock Contest,[86] Hornbill International Motor Rally and WW-II Vintage Car Rally. To achieve these goals a man, whatever his ascendancy, had to be a headhunter or great warrior, have many conquests among women sex, or complete a series of merit feasts. Our country within the administered area consists of more than eight regions quite different from one another, with quite different languages which cannot be understood by each other, and there are more regions outside the administered area which are not known at present. The evergreen tropical and subtropical forests are found in strategic pockets in the state. [15] However, the conversions have been marked by high rates of re-denomination ever since. [43][10], Some other minor tribes or subtribes are Garo, Mikir, Chirr, Makury, Rongmei and Tikhir.[55]. Folk songs and dances are essential ingredients of the traditional Naga culture. The younger churches exhibit a more vocally explicit form of worship. Drouyer, A. Isabel, René Drouyer, "THE NAGAS: MEMORIES OF HEADHUNTERS- Indo-Burmese Borderlands-vol. Language Watch Edit Naga is an umbrella term for several indigenous communities in North-East India and Upper Burma. The Feast given by a wealthier tribes person would be more extravagant. The exploration will be carried out by the Metropolitan Oil & Gas Pvt. Nagaland's capital city is Kohima and its largest city is Dimapur. Coupe (Pacific linguistics, 543) Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National Naga people form the majority of the population. In March 1975, a direct presidential rule was imposed by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on the state. A phonetic and phonological description of Ao : a Tibeto-Burman language of Nagaland, north-east India / A.R. A voter turnout of 75% was observed in the 2018 election. Places like kohima, dzukou valley, mokokchung are a must visit. [12] Both naka and naga are pronounced the same way in Burmese. Christianity arrived in Nagaland in the early 19th century. This was recorded as 'Naga' and has been in use thereafter.[10][9]. missionaries used the Roman script. [10] In February 1851, at the bloody battle at Kikrüma, people died on both the British side and the Kikrüma (Naga tribe) side; in days after the battle, intertribal warfare followed that led to more bloodshed. A phonetic and phonological description of Ao : a Tibeto-Burman language of Nagaland, north-east India A.R. Cottage industries such as weaving, woodwork, and pottery are an important source of revenue. [72], The governor is the constitutional head of state, representative of the President of India. Naga folk songs are both romantic and historical, with songs narrating entire stories of famous ancestors and incidents. These new Christian churches differ from older ones in terms of their liturgical traditions and methods of worship. [65][66] The census of 2011 recorded the state's Christian population at 1,739,651, making it one of the three Christian-majority states in India along with Meghalaya and Mizoram. Before the British Government conquered our country in 1879-80, we were living in a state of intermittent warfare with the Assamese of the Assam valley to the North and West of our country and Manipuris to the South. Traditional tribe-related festivals revolve round agriculture, as a vast majority of the population of Nagaland is directly dependent on agriculture.

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