how to overwinter wax begonias

If your area experiences winter frosts, you can dig up and pot wax begonias, moving them indoors to a south- or west-facing window in direct sun. ‘Super Olympia ’: This variety flowers early and stands out for its larger-than-usual blooms. Pinch away any dead or dying blooms or foliage throughout the winter to promote new growth and ensure plant health. Through it all they have persevered. We have created this blog to share the knowledge we have gained along the way, and to inspire others who have been similarly affected by the current economy. Begonias grow beautifully with some other shady border plants, such as impatiens, summer blooming oxalis, caladiums, coleus and tuberous rooted begonias. Begonia propagation is an easy way to keep a little bit of summer all year long. Thus the whole plants have to be brought indoors for winter. How to check, prepare and store Begonia tubers for the winter, so they’re ready to start growing again next spring. Once your new begonias are about four months old, you can expect them to bloom. happily to a multitude of growing conditions. To prepare your begonias for winter, use pruning. They do like a little shade (especially in the hotter parts of the summer), but aren’t very picky about water […] The best thing about these gorgeous plants is that you can easily start them directly from seeds. There is no special potting soil you need for transplanting: a popular mix from the local garden center will do. The dry tubers should be stored in barely moist soil or sand in a frost-free shed, ideally at 7°C (45°F), and watered occasionally to prevent shrivelling Set them in a warm, dry room and allow them to cure for two weeks. Wax begonias are ideal plants for outdoor gardens but you may also grow them in your home or in the greenhouse. It also allows you to start your plants in winter or early in the spring so that the new begonias are ready to be planted in the garden when it’s warm enough. Bring them inside for the winter. I T LIVES, AFTER A WINTER IN THE BASEMENT, a winter with no care (the way the cannas get no care and just sit there, except this guy stayed in his pot, soil and all). If you transplant your seedlings at least 2 inches apart, they can probably stay in that container until May or early June. Begonias are beautiful flowers, but they're also an example of "tender bulbs," meaning they need to be stored during the winter. CORVALLIS - Many people enjoy the lush blossoms of tuberous begonias in pots on patios and as outdoor hanging plants. When you plant begonias in the border, make sure to plant them close together. How to Overwinter Begonias. You will know that they are ready when they develop at least one or two true leaves. When you do that, place them in flats of soil in which you can winter them. I grow everything I can from veggies to plants. This means that they are started from seed, grow and flower in just one season. Simply germinate the seeds in a plastic container (as described in part I of this article) and watch seedlings grow until they are strong enough to be transplanted. The tuberous Begonia group REQUIRES winter dormancy. The tubers can be saved over the winter and planted again … An eastern or western exposure is a prime location; a south-facing window with protection from the … In the house, plant them into individual small pots. How to Winterize Begonia Bulbs. Make sure to plant about 4 to 6 plants in each planting. The best thing is that this color comes both from the flowers and foliage. The one that is rich in organic matter works the best. Once your new begonias have at least a few true leaves, it is time to transplant them to the new containers. It is best to use the same variety so their color can truly stand out. Water Wax Begonias. Once you plant begonias in your garden, it is important to take a good care of them so they can thrive and give all those rich, beautiful flowers. The begonia family includes many different varieties, and wax begonias have their own subset that have different growing conditions and offer unique features. I have several wax begonias in a container that I frequently neglect, so when it is dry the plants go without water and when it rains the container floods. This is when you should take them outdoors to plant them in the garden.

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